Product Description

These are upgrade/replacement transformers designed for the U87.

As seen in the photo they fit into the space of the original transformer. It may be required to slightly enlarge the whole with a small flat file but only minor adjustments.
The U87 transformer as a spare part costs over £140 plus vat from Neumann and it is an old design.
Using modern core and design methods this new transformer opens up to sound with it’s larger core reducing distortion and increasing headroom a great byproduct is less low frequency saturation that can stifle the performance of the capsule and electronics.
This transformer is the limit of what can practically be fitted to a U87 without major rework.
A worth while and easy upgrade. Supplied with the retaining wires.

Alternatively this upgrade/repair can be carried out for you at an additional £50.
Custom made by Sowter for SoundLock Engineering Services.