SoundLock Engineering comes from Chris Roberts’ passion of recording music and the design of high quality audio electronics.

“I was brought up surrounded by electronics and music. My father was a recording engineer and also had an interest in electronics. He had built various bits of equipment too and there were transformers, resistors and circuit boards in dad’s office that as a child I found fascinating. It was inevitable that I would follow down a similar path.”

Its hard to say exactly how it happened, Chris had always wanted to be a recording engineer but straight out of school he ended up also repairing and servicing equipment, a service that was then and still today, remains in very high demand. The time spent with his hand on the controls or his head inside old tape machines and consoles has given him great incite in how to (or to not) design products and the principles behind peoples attraction to different pieces of equipment.

Over the years Chris found himself manufacturing more and more replacement parts to aid in the servicing of equipment also leading to various upgrade parts that are sold by SoundLock Engineering such as switching cards for Studer tape machines, upgrade power supply PCB’s for Akg C414 microphones and new RAM cards for AMS delays.

“Even while I was at school I was trying to design mixing consoles. I always wanted to understand how the equipment that I was using worked.”