B104A Amplifier Module – PCB Only

///B104A Amplifier Module – PCB Only

B104A Amplifier Module – PCB Only


B104A Amplifier PCB with NO components for Chandler Germanium Pre


Product Description

Amplifier PCB with no components fitted based on the B104A by Rupert Neve this PCB can be used to repair Chandler Germanium Pre’s in place of the potted module that cannot be serviced. This is the same circuit as used in the original potted module apart from the input transistor which is a BC847C as a slight improvement in noise specification over the BC184C.

This design should be an improvement over the original as it is not potted so heat build-up is reduced and serviceability is introduced for future maintenance.


Gerbers and data can be found here:

Google Drive Germanium Folder


Hardware not included:

2x solder in standoffs type SMTSOB-M3-3ET for the TO-3 Package mounting.

Heatsink 575703B00000G

5x Mil-Max 3103-2-00-21-00-00-08-0 solder in PCB pins

0805 C0G capacitors and SOT23 transistor.

Through-hole components.