Low distortion and low noise alternative to the Neve 3415 module for transparent monitoring upgrades to vintage Neve consoles

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Product Description

The SL3415 is a low distortion and low noise version of the Neve 3415 module that is used extensively in vintage Neve consoles.

The intended application for this module is in areas of a console where signal integrity is of the upmost importance. With the modern work flow of combined mixing in the box but having a vintage console as the centrepiece of the control room, it is not always a benefit to having the Neve Sound. It is highly desirable for the monitor section to be as transparent as possible to make sure what you are hearing is what you are recording/mixing. Sadly with the original 3415 module containing all that lovely iron and transistor circuitry, this isn’t possible. Replacing these boards with the SL3415 is highly beneficial in this respect.

I have designed the SL3415 to be as plug and play as possible. It has its own on-board power supply to generate the low noise bipolar supply required for the precision op-amps that have been used to ensure maximum headroom and lowest distortion. Careful attention has been paid to layout and component choices within the confines of the original 3415 format.