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Soundlock’s high ratio transformer based microphone preamp tailored for the 500 series format.

Preliminary Information:

Custom microphone input transformer design for low noise and wide bandwidth.

Balanced drive transformer output for high output capability.

30-76dB Gain adjusted in 24x 2dB steps.

Phase, -30dB Pad and Phantom Power.

-130 dB @ 150R or better.

+28 dBu Maximum output.

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Product Description

Preliminary Information:

The 5MP-TI(hr)TO as all MP-TITO models, have been tailored to have an elegance and smoothness in its tonal character, with a balance and punch to its accuracy.

From the custom input transformer wound in the UK to the highly capable transformer drive circuit the electronics have been designed with minimal compromise. The most important control onĀ  a mic preamp, the gain control, has been handed to a 24 position rotary switch offering highly accurate 2.00 dB steps that allow matched use in the most demanding multi channel applications.

All our rotary controls are fitted with our own in-house designed knobs. Designed to be both comfortable to operate but easy to grab in an emergency.

All the SoundLock 500 series products have been designed to ensure the best performance regardless of the rack it is used in. To achieve this the power supply rails are regulated to reduce any noise present from either linear or switch mode power supplies and the differential output circuit design gives increased headroom helping remove the constraint of the low voltage rails.